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Welcome to Just Kids Games, a site with educational games to help teach kids about math, science, reading and the environment. These games were created by CleverMedia, Inc. and The Center For Advanced Technologies. They are presented here in a free and safe environment for kids to enjoy.
Word Search
Play word search puzzles based on a theme, or build your own. Play online or print.
Crossword Puzzles
Play hundreds of different themed crossword puzzles online or build your own.
Ant Patrol
The ants want to take over the swamp, but the wasps have something else in mind.
Science, 6th grade
Go For The Goal
Did you know soccer was a game of position, direction and speed? Pass the ball from one player to the next as you charge toward the goal.
Science, 6th grade
Astra Match
How much do you know about the solar system? You can pick up fun facts by playing Astra Match!
Science, 6th grade
It's Common Sense
the world is made up of wonderful things for you to see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Can you match up which sense is used for which sensation?
Science, 4th grade
Boat Brigade
A bunch of fractions have gotten loose from the Digital Dam! Captain Bob needs your help to round them up before they get to the waterfall.
Math, 3rd grade
Katie's Club House
Katie is in a race with her friend Maggie to see who can build a clubhouse faster. Katie needs your help with vocabulary words to win.
Reading, 3rd grade
Bug Jar
Not all insects are condsidered pests. Some are actually beneficial. can you find enough pests to fill up your bug jar?
Ecology, 6th grade
Making Change
We've all been to a convenience store but what would it be like to work in one? Find out in this game that puts you behind the counter.
Math, 3rd grade
Build A Bug
First you build your bug from available parts, then you have to get your bug from one side of the swamp to the other.
Science, 4th grade
Maze Crazy
Max was exploring an Aztec pyramid when he fell through a trap door and landed in a crazy maze. Can you get him to safety before his resources run out?
Ecology, 6th grade
Build Your Cityscape
Do you have what it takes to turn a settlement into a thriving metropolis? Find out how people use natural resources to build communities.
Ecology, 6th grade
Ralphie Recycles His Room
Ralphie's Mom has asked him to clean up his room. There's a lot of stuff in Ralphie's room and he needs your help sorting through all the wood, metal, glass, and plastic items so that hegets them in the right recycling bins.
Ecology, 4th grade
Clarence Clears The Creek
Clarence wants to go fishing, but first he needs some help. Can you pick out the human-made items from the creek?
Ecology, 4th grade
The Race For The Golden Egg
Will Max get the Golden Egg before Ally the Gator? You can help!
Reading, 5th grade
Clock Racer
You're the driver in this fast-paced race to the finish line. When you go in for pit stops, the faster you set the clock, the faster you're back on the road!
Math, 3rd grade
Thrilla Gorilla
Thrilla is hungry for bananas. If you know your numbers, you can help Thrilla get to the bananas first.
Math, 5th grade
Dinosaur Roundup
How would you like to travel back in time and try to save a heard of dinosaurs from and exploding volcano?
Ecology, 4th grade
Tic Tac True
An easy game to play, a tough game to master. How well will you do when playing against Fuzzy, Katie and Clarence?
Math, 5th grade
Evelyn's Beach Race
Evelyn is racing along a sand dune to get to the beach before her friends. She'll need your help with word definitions in order to win. How many words do you know?
Reading, 5th grade
Treasure Hunt
There's treasure buried everywhere! Can you follow the clues, dig up the chests, and then figure out how to unlock them? How much treasure will you find?
Math, 5th grade
Evelyn's Expedition
Evelyn has entered a race to climb Mount Factornot. Can you help her climb the ladder to success?
Reading, 5th grade
Up Up And Away
Jimmy and his friends are out for a balloon ride. They have to avoid storms and planes and birds! can you help them get to the finish line safely?
Math, 5th grade
Follow The Firefly
Frannie the Firefly will help you learn about computers. Watch Frannie and follow his movements.
Science, 4th grade
Water Works
It's Penny the Plumber's first day on the job and she could use a little help. She's trying to get pipes from one side of the basement to the other without getting water all over the floor. Can you help?
Science, 4th grade
Fuzzy Functions
foreman Fuzzy needs your help. The numbers at the Functions Factory are right, but the plus signs and minus signs are missing! Only you can help save the day!
Math, 3rd grade
Word Pond
Willy and his friends want to wade in the pond but it's full of words! If you can help figure out which ones are nouns, vers, adverbs and adjectives then we can have some fun in the pond!
Reading, 3rd grade
Gina Grows Her Garden
Gina's aunt owns a farm. She's letting Gina plant a couple of acres of crops to start making money for college. Can you help Gina figure out what crops will grow best?
Ecology, 4th grade
Word Rocket
Ookla, the alien, has crashed his spaceship. Can you help him build a new ship from the wreck before his brother Zookna does?
Reading, 5th grade
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